A Long Lasting Mani? It Does Exist!

A friend recently had some great looking nails and when I complimented her on them, she told me she had gotten the manicure nearly two weeks ago. I almost spit out my iced latte right then and there. Had I heard wrong? Could a long lasting mani really exist?

After a little coercing, she let me in on her secret… a GEL manicure. Gel? She said it usually lasts her two weeks! As someone who long ago gave up getting color on her nails during a manicure because it chips within a day or two {it’s true… I only get clear nail polish- to the dismay of the nail tech who always seems disappointed}, that was all I needed to hear! 

I asked Yuri at Nail Boutique on Franklin Ave about the gel mani and she confirmed that it usually lasts ten days to two weeks. I figured it would take an extra long time to administer {I’m not very patient with these things} but she said that it took about the same amount of time as a regular mani. Sign me up!

I chose my color from a selection of plastic nail samples, not the regular line-up of bottles on the wall. Then we began. It was pretty much like a regular manicure. The gel nail polish and the LED light {no harmful UV rays here} were the only things that differed from the norm. But, and here’s the best part… there was no waiting for my nails to dry post-manicure. As soon as the tech was done, they were dry! And I mean dry as in I-could-rummage-through-my-bag-for-my-keys-dry immediately after. This was such a pleasure because I almost always smudge my mani right before or right after leaving the salon. Not anymore!

As always, I received a great shoulder and back massage during the mani- which is a nice little treat. And the salon was clean as a whistle. I really appreciate smaller shops rather than chains. So next time your nails need a little sprucing, try a gel mani. I’m already five days in and without a nick or chip in sight, I’m feeling pretty positive about this mani’s staying power!

PERK ALERT: Nail Boutique will provide a 10% discount to all new customers when you mention Inside Garden City.

I also sneaked in a pedi and a little waxing while I was there. 

Always neat. 
Clean as a whistle.  

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