Best Dressed Houses in GC

While the warm weather didn’t exactly make it feel like the holidays, fortunately we live in a town that boasts some gorgeous holiday decor. Hopefully you were able to enjoy a stroll through our beautiful town while the weather was a bit warmer, but in case you didn’t, here are a few of my faves this season: 

Has anyone else noticed that white lights seemed to be the {unofficial} theme of GC’s holiday decor this year? 

There’s still some time to take a spin around town before the decorations come down if you haven’t down so already. But hurry before they’re gone! There are so many beautifully decorated houses to admire. 

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Premature Holiday Decorations?

Are you committing a holiday faux pas when you turn on your holiday lights prior to Thanksgiving? Are those early decorators snubbing Thanksgiving? 

There certainly are no holiday police, but it seems that there are a lot of Garden City homes {more than usual} with their Christmas decorations up this year in November. Is it me or have you noticed this increase as well?

I did a little research on this topic on the web and found a Facebook page actually dedicated to it. You can visit it here.

Early Christmas decorating started in retail stores years ago and every year I hear comments about how it seems to be getting earlier each year, how Thanksgiving should be enjoyed in it’s own right, that it’s all about consumerism, etc., etc.  Thanksgiving is, after all, a significant holiday in its own rite for our country, but perhaps it’s getting squeezed out by Christmas and becoming the forgotten holiday. Is it because there’s much less money in Thanksgiving (a non-commercial holiday) for businesses in comparison to Christmas?

I’m all for holiday decorations. I love lights and decor as much as the next guy, maybe even more. But I have to admit that I am not in favor of turning on the outdoor lights prior to Thanksgiving. I will continue to follow my own unofficial “rules” for holiday progression, which is:
No holiday music until after Thanksgiving,
No Santa hats worn in November,
No holiday cards in the mail prior to Thanksgiving and lastly,
No holiday lights on the house before Thanksgiving.

Note: setting up holiday lights prior to Thanksgiving {which all of you organized and ahead-of-schedule people are probably doing} can be a good thing, but actually turning them on can wait, in my opinion- in respect of Thanksgiving.

However, the bottom line remains: do what you enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Medusa Gives Girls Lacrosse A New Look

Girls lacrosse takes on a new look with Medusa Lacrosse. 

Alex and Jackie Fiore are sisters who have each had very successful lacrosse careers and are sharing their passion and experience with today’s young women athletes through Medusa Lacrosse. 

Alex was a 4 year starter at GCHS and went on to play Division 1 lacrosse at Princeton University, where she was a 1st Team All American. Her team won back-to-back National Championships in 2002 and 2003.   

Jackie was also a 4 year starter and captain of the GCHS Varsity Women’s Lacrosse Team and went on to play Division 1 Lacrosse at Boston College.  She was awarded numerous accolades throughout her lacrosse career.  Jackie coached both lacrosse and field hockey for five years at GCHS and at the Middle School.  Jackie is the head coach of the JV women’s lacrosse team at South Side High School in Rockville Centre.

This week, Medusa’s Little Laxers fall clinic begins in Garden City for girls ages 4-7. As they work on introductory skills and age appropriate exercises, Alex and Jackie want to make sure their young students are having a ton of fun as well. {Because really, what good is any program if the little ones aren’t having any fun?} To accomplish this, Medusa becomes creative with different themes for each session such as Wacky Socks Day, Crazy Hair Doo Day, Tu Tus for Laxers Day and Halloween Costume Day, among others. They definitely know how to keep the little ones interested! 

The cost for this unique program is $125 per person for four sessions and $140 for 5 sessions. Register your daughter at Click on the “Registration Forms” Tab. Please make checks payable to Medusa Lacrosse LLC. Cash payments receive a $10 discount. Clinic dates are as follows: September 22, 29 and October 6, 13, 20 and 27. Time: 4:00 p.m. – 5:15 p.m. 

Have a great season!

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Inside GC Celebrates Two Years!

Inside Garden City is happy to say that we just passed our two year anniversary! Thank you to all of our readers and contributors who have helped to make this possible.

Here’s a look back at our first post when this began as a simple blog detailing one person’s transition from city-dweller to suburbanite. Over the past two years, has become more of a GC lifestyle website and we have our readers to thank! Please continue reading and sending us suggestions for what you would like to see or know about. Now for a walk down memory lane…

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GC’s Belmont Festival 2015

The annual GC Belmont Festival proved to be another success this year. The festival brought a lot of to the table with live music by Jerry and the Newcomers, dancing by the Broadway Bound performers, pony rides, a dunking booth, lots of fun children’s activities, raffles, vendors, firetrucks, volleyball and so much more! Take a look for yourself if you missed it:

 Jerry and the Newcomers rocked!

 Thank you Cradle of Aviation Museum. 

 One sample of the many kids’ activities. 

The Mad Science table was pumpin’. 

Long waits for the horses.

Maybe we need a few more for next year? 

One suggestion for next year- three ponies may not be enough for the amount of kids that attend the festival. There was over a 30 minute wait at various times which is really too much for small kids. How about four or five ponies next year? It is the Belmont Festival after all.

After the children went home and night fell, the festival shifted to a more adult atmosphere. With Seventh St. still closed to traffic and restaurants turning out great food and beer, the crowd at “Belmont After Dark” enjoyed a night of friends, neighbors and fun. A fantastic tradition and a great way to start the weekend!

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A Lot of Hockey Left to be Played!

Inside Garden City is happy to have Andrew Karen back with an update on Community Park’s roller hockey program and the new rink. This is truly a great asset to our town and residents should be sure to take advantage of it! 

A lot of hockey left to be played!!!!

The Garden City Recreation & Parks Department roller hockey program is in full swing this spring. From beginner clinics for kindergarten and first grade, to leagues for 2nd & 3rd graders, 4th & 5th graders, 6th through 8th graders and a pick up game program for the ‘big kids’ (AKA adults ages 30 & over.) The program offers something for all!

With a brand new state of the art roller rink, the program and the sport continue to grow right here in our very own backyard. The new roller rink was designed to ensure the people of GC received the best rink possible. During the design process, we took notice of how the sun sets and positioned the rink so that when playing on it, you would not have the sun in your eyes (especially the goalies). Also, many people have commented that the skating surface is the smoothest they have ever skated on. Another interesting fact about the rink is that the facility is equipped with a full sound system to allow us to play music and make announcements during special events, like the championship games.

The adult pick up game program is open to any village resident ages 30 & above. Experience doesn’t matter and over the years we had a nice mix of guys who all call the program a great way to conclude the weekend (since the games are on Sunday night) with their fellow GC neighbors.

The department currently offers two seasons (one in the spring & one in the fall) on Friday & Sundays. 

The spring season begins in early April and concludes in early June. The fall season begins right after Labor Day and concludes right before Thanksgiving.
If you are interested in learning more about our various programs or just looking to hang out and enjoy good old sports activities from right here in GC, come down to the roller rink in Community Park because there is a lot of hockey left to be played!

Open Rink Hours For GC Residents:

Sunday 10am-1pm, Monday-Thursday 3pm-dark, Friday- closed for programs, Saturday 10am-dark. Helmets required.

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Get In It To Win It: Mother’s Day Raffle Drawing Tonight

Inside Garden City’s Motherload Mother’s Day raffle drawing will be TONIGHT (read: there’s still time to enter!) Let’s extend the Mother’s Day celebration just a bit longer. Why should all of the excitement take place on just one day? Isn’t it fun to have one more surprise to look forward to… for one lucky winner??

Here’s another sneak peek into what’s been added to the Gift Basket Like No {M}Other and how the winner might spend her day enjoying her spoils…

She’ll start off with a morning trip to Studio Strength private fitness studio on Franklin Ave where she’ll have a consultation and private training session with trainer Juan Mayoral or Christine Inguanta. After a great workout, she’ll head to Food For Thought for a complimentary smoothie or delectable {healthy} treat. Next on the list: Nail Boutique on Franklin Ave to get her nails in shape for tonight. 

All of this preparation will likely leave her hungry and it’s just about lunchtime anyway, so she’ll stop in at Avellino’s on Nassau Blvd for a delicious bite (that hopefully her trainers at Studio Strength won’t disapprove of too much!) When she steps out of Avellino’s into the bright sunshine,  she’ll decide that she wants to bring home a bit of spring so she’ll swing by to see Ed at Feldis Florists for a beautiful bouquet!

Since she’s back on Seventh St., she’ll pop into Envie and spend her gift card by picking out something to wear tonight. Next she’ll hit Madsion’s Niche for some accessories- perhaps earrings or  a necklace? 

Before she leaves Seventh St., she’ll stop in and see Orthodontist Dr. Emma for a consult on that one tooth that’s always bugged her when she smiles. She’ll make an appointment for next month to use Dr. Emma’s $500 gift certificate on Invisalign. 

Now it’s time to head home and get ready. As she relaxes for a moment and sips a cup of her new DAVIDsTEA, she feels grateful for the fabulous local businesses in Garden City that give back to their community and make the annual Motherload gift basket possible! 

As she gets dressed to head out for a delectable meal at Revel, 

where she’ll be meeting her companion, she looks in the mirror at her dazzling self. She reminds herself not to order red wine with dinner since she just had her teeth whitened yesterday courtesy of Dr. Lizzio at Long Island Family Dental on Stewart Ave. Then she reminds herself to go ahead and order dessert tonight- she has  another training session at Studio Strength tomorrow!

Here’s to you!

~Drawing tonight~ Make sure you’re entered~ Stay tuned~

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Win a Gift Basket For Your Mom {or Yourself}!

Here we are again. The beautiful Spring weather has finally settled in and Mother’s Day is upon us. This time last year, Inside Garden City held it’s first Mother’s Day raffle and it was very popular! Well folks, we’re doing it again! For all the mothers out there who do so much and deserve so much, here’s a sneak peek of which local businesses have contributed so far {more will be announced over the upcoming days}…

Envie– Need I say more? You all know the delicious finds that are in here.
Avellino’s– They did win the 2014 GC Pizza Showdown after all, so you know they’re good.
Revel– Not only can you enjoy a good happy hour here, but the food is delish too.
Davids Tea– If you haven’t tried this place yet, you will looove it.
Dr. Emma– Her gift last year was very generous and much appreciated.

Our goal is to to make this gift basket even better than last year’s which was so great, it became known as the Motherload… a gift basket like no {m}other. 

All you have to do to enter the raffle is:

1. Like Inside Garden City’s Facebook page AND
2. Like or comment on this post and/or any other post that mentions the Mother’s Day Raffle. 

Let the countdown begin. Good luck to all and Happy pre-Mother’s Day!

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GC Hotel’s Red Door Spa Awaits

While I don’t often have a lot of time to pamper myself, I do enjoy it when I can sneak it in. However, I’ve often felt that finding the right place for the right pampering is easier said than done. I’ve been to a number of places in the past and found their pricey services left something to be desired. Last week, I hit the new Red Door Spa in the Garden City Hotel for some self-indulging.

The new location just opened in December and it’s quite beautiful and zen. If you arrive early, don’t sweat it since the lounge area is absolutely perfect- comfy leather seating, flowers, candles. It’s more like you’re in a chic apartment that just happens to have the perfect mood lighting. After I sipped my tea and relaxed for a few, I headed to the mini oxygen facial, lip facial and blowout that were awaiting me.

First I met with Morgan- a very knowledgable and pleasant aesthetician. She was completely professional and has eight years of experience under her belt. She explained what she was going to do and made sure I was okay with each step. 

Morgan first cleaned my face and removed the day’s makeup.  She then exfoliated my skin with a revitalizing enzyme to help with cell turnover. It contained papaya which aids in exfoliation and smelled delish. She next focused on my pores with extractions (sorry if I’m giving TMI but I think this is a necessary part of any good facial). Morgan then added steam to soften and open up my skin and also make the products more effective.

The oxygen part of the facial was toward the end and helped hydrate my skin and reduce redness. The oxygen contains seaweed which is known for containing the most vitamins for skin nourishment and green tea for calming. The results of the oxygen treatment last 2-3 days which is why many people choose an oxygen facial before a big event. Plus, it has the added benefit of helping your makeup go on more smoothly- always a good thing. Keep in mind that you can schedule an oxygen mini facial, as I did, or just get a blast of oxygen as a quick pick me up for the skin. An oxygen treatment can also be added to any facial at Red Door and the best part- there’s no redness from it or downtime at all!

Overall, my facial was fantastic. My skin was glowing and I felt completely rejuvenated as I headed to Justine for my blowout. Justine was, again, very professional and gave me the best scalp massage I’ve ever received. I got a great blowout too- not too straight and with a little flip at the ends. It had a good amount of body rather than blowouts I’ve had in the past that left my hair completely flat.

Before I left, I saw Linda for a quick makeup re-application. After having just had a facial, I was happy to see that I could easily wear makeup right after like nothing ever happened. Linda educated me as she worked. She taught me of the importance of under eye concealer in her own routine and how it’s one of her can’t-do-without products. I learned some good tips from Linda and purchased a few products after my time with her, although there was NO pressure to do so, which I liked.

I will definitely be back to Red Door’s newest location. The staff was very professional and they all knew their stuff. Also, 2-3 days later, I still received a few compliments on my skin! I encourage you to take advantage of this new, beautiful facility right at our doorstep. Visit the Red Door Spa’s website for more information on their services and to book an appointment. You can also call them at 516-747-7474. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and I never, evrrrr promote something I’m not 100% behind.

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Dear GC: The Holidays Are Over. Decor Down Please II

This feature got some laughs last year so here we go again. 

The title just about says it all folks. As we enter into Spring, some of you have been caught again with your decorations down… or should I say… up. know it doesn’t feel like it temperature-wise, but the first day of Spring has come and gone. There are no more excuses!

Here are a few of the decorations I’ve spotted around Garden City this week:

A beautiful wreath, but clearly holiday themed. 

These holiday bows look great, but not as we approach April!

Yet another holiday wreath with tell-tale red bow. 

 Lights. Need I say more?

Holiday wreath. Again.

 Love these holiday window boxes- for the holidays.

Even the lawn ornaments are tired of their Christmas attire. 

Wreath. Yawn.

Like the lights on the net but not for spring lax. 

I’ll excuse St. Patrick’s Day decorations and maybe even a stray Valentine’s Day heart {because I did spot a couple of those this week too!}  but Christmas decorations have to go. Easter is a mere week and a half away. Perhaps Mother Nature is confused by all of the holiday decorations around town and if we take them down, she just might send some warmer weather our way. Now’s the time, people! 

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