A Masters Party

I must admit, I’m not a huge golf fan, but I do enjoy southern food. What better excuse to throw a party and enjoy some cheese grits than the Masters Tournament?

Similar to a Super Bowl party, I knew I’d need a large flat screen (check), comfortable seating (check), beverages (Arnold Palmers happen to be one of my faves- check) and last but certainly not least- some good ‘ole southern cuisine (double check). The Masters is in Augusta after all!

I prepared a couple of pitchers of Arnold Palmers- virgin as well as spiked. The vodka spiked one was dubbed the Tipsy Arnold Palmer.  Both versions were very popular and it seemed my guests enjoyed the party’s golf theme.  If anyone needs a recipe for an Arnold Palmer you can find it here.

Continuing with the theme, I wanted a southern menu and asked Capo of Floral Park to get creative. Southern grub is far from their specialty (unless you’re talking about southern Italy) but Paul, the owner, did some research for me and came up with a very southern menu: 

pimento cheese sandwiches (always on the Masters’ menu at Augusta National), 
BBQ chicken with brandy peaches, 
kale sautéed with bacon, 
dijon roasted potato salad like none I’ve ever tasted, 
green salad with goats cheese and diced fruit (think banana chips) and 
a down-home southern staple– cheese grits (added bonus: they go great with eggs the next day for breakfast).

For the last course, I baked chocolate cupcakes with green frosting and white golf tees placed on top. Although we didn’t get to witness history (Jordan Spieth came up three strokes short of being the youngest Masters champion ever), my southern-theme food and drink menu was a pure hit.

I haven’t seen any azaleas blooming around Garden City just yet (although I have seen a bunch of daffodils and tulips which is pretty cool), this tournament has a nice way of making you feel that spring is in the air.

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