Back on the blog today is Carly Hampton, our resident movie and TV expert. Below, she gives us a movie review of Mad Max: Fury Road. Read on and enjoy!


It’s got chills! It’s got thrills! It’s got cliché opening lines. It’s my review on Mad Max. Let’s dive in! 

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ starring Tom Hardy (Max) and Charlize Theron (Furiosa) was an amazing action packed film. It was so good that I felt the need to see it a few times. I typically don’t go for action movies but this was amazing. The movie has nonstop action, great acting and epic visuals.  

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is the 4th and newest installment of the Mad Max films. The film takes place in a post apocalyptic society set in a desert wasteland. Max is a lone warrior captured by a band of “War Boys”, the army of warlord, Immotan Joe’s Citadel. 

Furiosa drives a war rig for Joe used for picking up fuel. When she unexpectedly changes course, Joe discovers she has taken his slave wives. Joe and his War Boys set out to get them back. Furiosa is bringing the girls to the “Green Place”, a place where Furiosa grew up before being taken by Joe herself. 

Nux, a sick War Boy, brings Max, a universal donor, into battle as his blood bag. I know. Super gross. Finally crossing paths, Max teams up with Furiosa and the chase begins.

The film focuses more on Furiosa and the wives than it does Max, despite the title of the film. I loved that the women in the movie weren’t depicted as “damsels in distress” which action movies often do with women. These ladies didn’t just sit around hoping they would make it to the “Green Place”. They would gear up and battle. Some might not like the fact that the movie doesn’t focus totally on Max but if that’s what you’re looking for, then watch the original film “Mad Max”. I think the movie is forward and wasn’t buying into cliché tropes. Everyone in the movie was human and acted and reacted as such.

 Remember when I told you earlier that this movie has nonstop action? I wasn’t kidding. From the moment Max is captured to the very end of the movie, we are given maybe 3 times to take a breath. This film gives credit to it’s audience which I personally love. Nothing about this film was clunky or expositional. We catch on as we watch, leaving a ton of room for action. Even when there wasn’t much action, the War Boys were right on their tales leaving me in suspense the entire time.

Visual choices the director made really helped this movie pop. Some action sequences were very theatrical and although intense, very mesmerizing. The movie would get a little bit graphic but nothing I couldn’t stomach. The opening sequence, when Max is captured, was awesome. They made the scene more intense by pulling frames out of the shots and using quick cuts. They do a lot of these things during the entire movie.

I think this movie is definitely worth seeing. Maybe on a rainy summer day you can head to the theater or wait until it’s released on DVD- either way I think it’s a must see. If you love action movies, this is the film for you.  

If you’ve seen it or go to see it, let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading! 


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