Anyone Up For a Run?

Reporter: Why are you doing this?
Forrest Gump: I just felt like running.

With new work out trends popping up left and right, sometimes it feels good to go back to the basics- a good ol’ fashioned run. No equipment necessary (except sneakers of course). No gym membership required. No muscle heads to contend with at the gym. Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

Some runners especially like the feeling of accomplishment they get when the run is finished. Others speak of a runners high. I, for one, have never experienced this because I loathe running. I’m a fan of just about everything else- weights, spinning, squash, pilates, kickboxing (I’ve been too intimidated by CrossFit to try it yet) and more… but just don’t ask me to go for a run.

So you may wonder what explains my current love with the New York Running Company on Seventh Street? I can attribute it to three things:
-the staff is friendly, knowledgable and helpful.
-they have a good sneaker selection and cool workout clothes (I love new fitness gear!)
-they’re having a huge sale right now.

I visited the New York Running Company shortly after they opened in the fall and met a very pleasant manager, Karen. I hadn’t been back all winter (indicative of my waning winter workouts perhaps?) and was lured in again recently by the 50% off summer apparel sign in front. Plus, they’ve been open during the Seventh Street Friday night promenades which makes shopping super convenient.

The Seventh Street location is equipped with a treadmill on which the trained staff will perform a gait analysis on you. This feature seems to be a big draw for the store and makes for a great fitting process, fitting customers with the proper sneaker for their individual gait.

They also have a great collection of dry-fit shirts and tanks, running socks, sport bras and fun running gadgets, plus a good selection of sneakers- Brooks, Nike, Adidas and New Balance to name a few. I found some workout shirts and a fantastic zippered hoodie that they didn’t have in my size. They quickly contacted other stores and had it shipped from a Boston location in just two days. In other words, New York Running Company isn’t just for runners!

When I returned to pick up the hoodie, naturally I picked up a few more things. I’ve never been one to resist good sale. Note- a bunch of sneakers just got marked down as well so you may want to hurry in! My take away- New York Running Company has something for everyone, even those of us non-runners. While you’re there, check out their running programs and training groups too- a great way to find like-minded runners to keep up your motivation- but don’t ask me to join you.

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