Art Classes, Art Therapy For Kids

Peggy Leder has been holding children’s art classes right here on Nassau Blvd in Garden City for four years. Peggy grew up in Garden City and now lives in Sag Harbor, splitting her time between Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Peggy holds a BA in art education from the University of Vermont and is also a registered clinical art therapist with an MA from LIU, CW Post. In addition to weekly art classes at the studio, she has a private art therapy practice allowing her to work privately in her clients’ homes conducting “hidden therapy with art.” Peggy believes that all children could benefit from art therapy, especially those facing anxiety, low self esteem, depression, anger management, learning disabilities, autism, trauma, eating disorders, divorce and much more.

Through the process of creating art, which in itself is therapeutic, Peggy notes that a lot is revealed to her that may be difficult for children to verbalize. She creates an atmosphere where children can release much more than they can with words. Peggy has fifteen years of experience working with children and teens and explains that every art therapy session is unique. Sessions are based on each child’s individual needs and capabilities. The focus is on the process rather than the finished product and Peggy always keeps it FUN!

Children’s Art Classes begin September 17th at 13 Nassau Blvd S., located at FOS Living, in Garden City. The studio is downstairs within FOS. 
6-10 year olds- Wednesdays 3:45-5:00pm, Thursdays 4:00-5:15pm.
3-5 year olds- Thursdays 3:00pm-3:55pm.

Feel free to call or email Peggy and let her share her passion with you and your children!

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