Capo Ristorante to the {Thanksgiving} Rescue

Thanksgiving Day is a mere 4 days away. Considering that the weekend is coming to a close, it’s more like 3 days away. And since you really can’t count Thanksgiving Day as a preparation day because you’ll be at the GC Turkey Trot in the morning, you really have just two days left to prepare. Are you ready?

Ok, so maybe you’ve been dreading going to the grocery store to prepare for your Thanksgiving dinner like so many others. I’m not judging- hey, I’m one of the procrastinators too. But if you have been putting it off, I’m sure you have a good reason, like you want to avoid the crowded stores, the long lines, the feeling of chaos or the crowded stores. Or perhaps you didn’t really volunteer to host Thanksgiving dinner but instead someone {lovingly} volunteered you. Or maybe you just don’t enjoy cooking very much. Whatever the reason, I’ve got just the out… I mean reasonable solution… you’ve been looking for.

Capo Ristorante on Covert Ave has come to the rescue! They’ve prepared a great Thanksgiving catering menu at a really great price which serves 10-12 people. It’s filled with fantastic choices and will take all of the work out of Thanksgiving dinner for you. All you have to do is pop the bird in the oven (or the backyard fryer) and the rest is done. And you know how much I love the food at Capo- so I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Check out the menu below and call them at 516-216-5177 to place your order. You can thank me later : )

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