Chocolate Donuts Sans Guilt

I checked out a site recently called and found what looked like a delicious recipe idea to satisfy my sweet tooth… chocolate donuts. As I was skimming the recipe, I thought I could hear the faintest sound of angels singing in the background. These donuts were healthy{ish}!

Generally, I like to bake my sweets with a few tricks… apple sauce to cut down on some of the oil or butter, whole wheat or almond meal instead of white flour… small ways to reduce caloric intake and fat. But I’m definitely not a fan of skimping so much that you end up eating a brownie that tastes like cardboard. Because then… what’s the point? 

HeathyGirl’s recipe sounded fun and simple so I decided to try it. I first had to order a donut pan {I didn’t even know these existed} because these donuts are baked, not fried. I found this easily on Amazon. I followed HG’s recipe exactly and was happy to see it called for ingredients like pumpkin puree (makes for moist donuts with zero pumpkin taste) and egg whites. Click here for the full recipe.  They came out so great and were so simple that I had to share:

 Ready to be baked!

 Warm donuts fresh out of the oven. 


Post-glaze with a bite missing.. Ahem…

These donuts made for a great breakfast treat or a guiltless snack and they were easy peasy. Also, they were totally delish even without the glaze, so if you want to save yourself even more calories, go sans glaze and I guarantee you won’t be missing anything!

Thank you to for this great recipe. Have fun baking and let me know if you have a favorite recipe to share! 

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