Dad’s Day at the Salon

Our Mother’s Day post involved spending the day at the track (Belmont) and our Father’s Day post involves a salon. Sound a little backward? Well, doesn’t everyone like a little pampering now and then?

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to get your father or husband for Father’s Day, you could settle on a {boring} pair of socks or a {…yawn…} new tie. Or you can try something different this year. Salon Imperiale is offering 10% off gift certificates for men!

Why not arrange some pampering for dad? Has he been looking a little scruffy these days? Not taking care of himself? Set him up with a mens haircut at Salon Imperiale on Franklin Ave. There he can receive a nice shampoo and conditioning followed by a quality haircut of his choice. Or perhaps he can use some new everyday products. If Dad wants to feel a bit more refreshed than usual, Salon Imperiale also offers coloring for men. They use a subtle protein vegetable color (no dyes here) without peroxide that gradually washes out in about 6 weeks. 

This 10% off gift certificates is Salon Imperiale’s special promotion in honor of fathers and won’t extend past Father’s Day. Mention Inside Garden City when you get there or when you call: 516-747-1027. They may not admit it, but men like to feel good about themselves too!

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