Dear GC: The Holidays Are Over. Decor Down Please II

This feature got some laughs last year so here we go again. 

The title just about says it all folks. As we enter into Spring, some of you have been caught again with your decorations down… or should I say… up. know it doesn’t feel like it temperature-wise, but the first day of Spring has come and gone. There are no more excuses!

Here are a few of the decorations I’ve spotted around Garden City this week:

A beautiful wreath, but clearly holiday themed. 

These holiday bows look great, but not as we approach April!

Yet another holiday wreath with tell-tale red bow. 

 Lights. Need I say more?

Holiday wreath. Again.

 Love these holiday window boxes- for the holidays.

Even the lawn ornaments are tired of their Christmas attire. 

Wreath. Yawn.

Like the lights on the net but not for spring lax. 

I’ll excuse St. Patrick’s Day decorations and maybe even a stray Valentine’s Day heart {because I did spot a couple of those this week too!}  but Christmas decorations have to go. Easter is a mere week and a half away. Perhaps Mother Nature is confused by all of the holiday decorations around town and if we take them down, she just might send some warmer weather our way. Now’s the time, people! 

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