Dear GC, The Holidays Are Over…

Dear Garden City,

The Holidays are over… Decor down, please.

Well, that about says it all. Really folks, it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day and out-of-season decor is still hanging on many of the homes in GC. Here’s a sampling of decorations I’ve seen just in the last week:

A random Valentine’s Day heart here and there is excusable, but holiday wreaths and lights are pushing it. The frigid weather and temperatures may have dissuaded you from taking down the lights, but it surely doesn’t explain why some people are still turning them on! The cold weather was a valid excuse for a while, I’ll grant you that, but not anymore…

If you’re still not ready to turn the page on the Holidays and move on, here are some other clear signs that spring has sprung:

  • Pitchers and catchers have reported to Florida almost a month ago, 
  • The groundhog saw his shadow way back in early February, 
  • The (slightly-less-than-exciting) winter Olympics have come to a close, 
  • All but the largest piles of snow have melted away, 
  • Azaleas are blooming down in Augusta in preparation for the Masters,
  • NCAA basketball tournament season is here
  • and my favorite… people are walking and jogging all over town without parkas and earmuffs!

I know it was a long and annoying winter, but let’s try and move on. Please get all of the winter anti-depressants… oops… I mean decorations, back up in the attic where they belong. It was 52 degrees on Saturday. It’s time people!

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