Drinking the GC Koolaid- Inside Garden City Celebrates One Year

With July coming to a close, I’d like to mark its end with a post on the one year anniversary of my arrival in Garden City and the one year anniversary of www.InsideGardenCity.com. Initially, this blog was a vehicle for me to compare my old city life with my {yawn} suburban life and for me to poke fun at all things suburbia. I can’t say I came to the burbs kicking and screaming, but I didn’t have my running shoes on either.

Admittedly, buyer’s remorse set in as soon as I walked into the house on that first day and many rookie mistakes followed. You can read about those first few suburban experiences here, here and here. You can read my first post (I Moved to Garden City) here. I’ve come a long way since then. For instance, I used to think warehouse shopping was just a “suburban myth”. Now, not only am I a card carrying Costco member, but I shop there twice a month.

In my defense, I did hear some misconceptions about Garden City before moving here. I’ve outlined some below- with the facts next to them:

Fiction: There aren’t any good restaurants. Fact: Ok, it’s not NYC, but there are plenty of great restaurants and I haven’t even tried them all yet.

Fiction: There won’t be any food delivery. Fact: There’s so much delivery, it’s hard to choose (now if only Orchid would deliver. Are you reading this Orchid?). 

Fiction: You’ll need to drive everywhere. Fact: Well, technically I can walk almost everywhere, but I do drive most of the time. 

Fiction: The GC pool is awesome. Fact: The GC pool is wicked awesome. 

Fiction: Girls/Women don’t wear the same outfit twice. Fact: Girls/Womens’ fashion is on trend and smart, but not ridiculous. 

Fiction: The people are snooty. Fact: The vast majority of people I’ve met have been very welcoming, grounded people. 

Fiction: Everyone drives a Mercedes (or worse). Fact: Yes, there are plenty, but no one cares. It’s mostly about the kids, socializing, having a few laughs, having a few drinks and it’s all good. 

I’m thrilled that Inside Garden City has evolved from where it was one year ago. It’s mushroomed into a website and Facebook page that is now a place for people to check in on local events, local businesses, find out what’s happening at local restaurants, what the shops are carrying, what’s new and where to find it. I’m proud to support the wonderful local business and and restaurants in our town. Most importantly, I hope I can provide to others what I needed when I arrived here- a reliable source of local information (like where to go for the best pizza- still working on that one), both for people who are new to town and those whose families have been here for generations.

Before my move, I heard over and over again from people who lived in town that they “LOVE Garden City”. I figured they were just drinking the Koolaid. Now I know why so many people “love” it here and I’m drinking it right along with them. But I am still learning. I definitely picked the best town to gently ease into my transition from city to suburb. I am sure there are many more hidden gems to be discovered. Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading Inside Garden City and please like our Facebook page!


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