Farewell FAO

New York City’s most iconic toy store, FAO Schwarz, officially closed its doors today. Although not in Garden City (obv), I thought this event deserved some local recognition. I’m sure almost all of us have been to FAO at one time or other. 

I headed to FAO for some shopping on Tuesday, the store’s second to last day of business. It wasn’t especially crowded and it looked as if a good portion of the store was still in tact, but it was a bit sad to see certain sections blocked off, bare, or broken down and packed up. I have many happy memories over the years inside the store’s legendary red and gold entryway. 

The toy soldiers stationed out front were taking loads of pictures with visitors- even more than usual.  Although there was no line to enter the store on Tuesday, this was the first time I’ve ever seen a line of people waiting for a photo op with a toy soldier. 

I guess I could (or should) be proud to say that I was one of the last people shopping in FAO Schwarz before it closed, but I’d rather be saying that it’s still a viable business in NYC and that I’ll be heading back soon.

This closure clearly marks the end of an era and the end of a special NYC landmark that I will never forget. I hope we see FAO Schwarz again in Times Square in the future, but will it ever be quite the same? 

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