FENG SHUI ADVICE-Being a Helpful Person Matters…

InsideGardenCity has recently been opening up the IGC blogosphere to guest bloggers. If you haven’t read any of them yet, you probably should because they’re quite good. Today on the blog, Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island is back with an inspiring and informative post. Read on and find out more about Ms. Cerrano at http://fengshuimanhattan.com 

Emotional Feng Shui Insights
A powerful area on the Ba-gua map for Feng Shui that many tend to overlook is called “helpful People.” What does this mean? The area of Helpful people connects you to those who step into your life to help teach you lessons and offer guidance when needed.  Let that be family, friends, “strangers-earth angels” and more.  Yet, you too can be a helpful person and one simply way is by donating items and objects that you no longer need, use or love.
Another way to contribute to the flow of helpful people in others lives is by saying “thank you” and giving gratitude to those who have helped you during your life’s journey.
This week, I have made it a point to reach out to past teachers from my high school who I felt truly helped ignite a certain point of awakening during that period of time in my life.  In particular my guidance counselor/Softball coach and Art teacher.
Each had a different approach in how they helped me and what was interesting when I said thank you, they didn’t really understand how they helped. I knew how and wanted to share that insight and also show that how they treat students (people) really and truly does impact them in a positive way. So the message to them was to keep doing what they’re doing and encourage that continuation of being a helpful person because it matters.
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