Gallery Pizza Delivers

Unfortunately for my waistline, I order pizza on the reg. It’s a weekend staple for me. I had never been to Gallery Pizza before on New Hyde Park Road in GC, but it was recommended highly by someone I consider to be a Garden City Insider.

I must admit that I had high hopes given the recommendation I received on Gallery. The staff were friendly and courteous (always a plus) and my pizza was ready fast. There was a nice blend of cheese and crust- not too thin and not too thick. And the tomato sauce was delish. There was also a good cheese to sauce ratio. Yum. The only thing I cannot talk about with confidence is the crust. There will have to be a side by side crust comparison between Giaccone’s (who touts “the best crust in town” in its slogan) and Gallery. I look forward to eating Gallery’s pizza again- everything else about their pie was spot-on.

As some of you Insiders may know, Inside Garden City is hosting a Fall Pizza Showdown where the winning pizza parlor will be voted “Best Garden City Pizza”, will receive publicity on Inside Garden City and the Garden City Patch, as well as a banner to proudly display in their store. The only requirement for a pizzeria to be entered is that it must be located in Garden City or deliver to Garden City.

If you haven’t been to Gallery Pizza before, you should definitely check it out as a pizza take out or delivery option.

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