Garden City Insider of the Month: Andreas Huber

It’s that time again. Since the past couple of GC Insiders have spoken of their love of playing golf in Garden City, it is appropriate that our next insider of the month is one of the most accomplished GC golfers …  Andreas Huber.

Andreas is a graduate of GC High School where he played on the golf team. He took the team to a Nassau County Championship in addition to winning the individual Nassau County Title. He also made it to the quarter finals in the US Junior Amateur while in High School. He then went on to win the Big East Championship (individual and team) in 1998 at Georgetown University, from which he graduated in 2002.

After working on Wall Street for a few years he played on the Canadian PGA Tour and European Challenge Tour. He is now CEO of Garden City-based Locality Media- developer of the popular Nassau Now app and Account Executive with NetSuite.

Without further ado, here are our Qs for the newest GC Insider of the Month:

What inspires you? The family focus of Garden City along with the sense of athletic and scholastic achievement throughout the school system and community.

What is your favorite GC restaurant? Orchid

Favorite GC store? Natural Food Store

Favorite place to go out for a drink? BK Sweeney’s Uptown Grille

What do you love most about Garden City? The closeness and kindness of the community. People from Garden City have a special bond.

What is your favorite thing to do in Garden City? Hang out with friends who I grew up with in Garden City. I love coming home to visit my family and play golf.

What would you change about Garden City? The traffic. We never had this much when I was growing up.

What is your advice for Inside Garden City readers? Keep reading Inside Garden City!

Look out for more about Andreas Huber on this site and download the free app- Nassau Now. Thank you for reading 


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