Garden City Insider of the Month: Andrew Karen

Inside Garden City is proud to present a new feature- Garden City Insider of the Month- where we will spotlight a different person each month who we deem to be a GC Insider and get their scoop on the town and what they do. This inaugural post features Andrew Karen, a familiar face to many of you. Be sure to tell Andrew you saw his Inside GC debut when you see him around town!

What is your job title? Recreation Attendant  
How long have you worked in this position? I started part time in September 2002 and went full time in October 2008. 
What are your general work duties? Run the Roller Hockey Program, Pee Wee Sports Sampler, as well as supervision of the parks and St Paul’s Recreation Complex. 
How did you end up doing what you are doing? When I graduated high school I had no idea (like so many young ones) what career path I wanted to take. So I decided to go to Nassau Community College where I focused on my basic core requirements while experimenting with different things from public speaking to acting. During this whole time I was working part time for Garden City Recreation having a good time, but it wasn’t until a very good friend of mine was like- ever think of making this your career? He then told me about a school out on the island (St Joseph College) where I could obtain my degree in Community Recreation and well, here I am today loving every minute of my job. 
What are your interests outside of work? When I am not working I enjoy running, as well going to Islanders Games (Go Islanders!) and of course spending time with my friends & family. 
What inspires you? What inspires me is the fact that the services I get to provide bring joy and laughter to all.
We couldn’t let Andrew get away without answering our Garden City Qs:
1. What is your favorite restaurant in Garden City? Wild Fig (If you haven’t visited it, you don’t know what your missing) Try the moussaka.
2. What is your favorite store in GC? TCBY Yogurt
3. What do you love most about GC? How the entire town is one big family.
4. What is your favorite thing to do in GC? Other then makes dreams come true through work….. go running
5. What is your favorite outdoor place to hang out in GC? The Roller Hockey Rink @ Community Park & St Paul’s Recreation Complex of course!
6. Where is your favorite place to go out for a drink in GC? Wild Fig once again. 
7. Do you have any advice for our readers? Enjoy all that Garden City has to offer!!!

Facebook message us or email if you want to nominate someone to be a Garden City Insider of the month. 

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