Garden City Insider of the Month: Vinny Muldoon

We’re excited to introduce our next Garden City Insider of the Month!

When you think of beautiful homes throughout Garden City or perhaps doing a construction project in your own house, the name that probably comes to mind is: Vinny Muldoon.

For the few of you who may not know the name, Vinny Muldoon is an expert contractor and owner of Old World Quality Corp–a Garden City based full service construction company. In 1986 he left Ireland (where he grew up on a farm as the youngest of ten children) for Boston, MA. In Boston, he fell in love with his wife, Dina {and also with the U.S.A.}. They moved to Long Island and lived in Franklin Square before settling in Garden City. Soon after moving to Long Island, Vinny started his own contracting business and the rest as they say… is history.

Of course we asked Vinny our regular Insider of the Month Qs and he was very happy to oblige.

What inspires you? Two things inspire me. The first is the ambition that I inherited from my parents. My work ethic comes from growing up on a farm; it builds character. The second is that I want to be known as the number two guy in Garden City- the first being AT Stewart. AT Stewart developed the most spectacular town and paid a lot of attention to detail. I would like to make a huge impact on the town as well, in regards to construction and development. I am also a very detailed person and I want to continue enhancing this beautiful town.

What is your favorite Garden City restaurant? There are so many great restaurants in our town. I support them all. I love steak, burgers, sushi. I like a lot of variety so I share the wealth.

What is your favorite Garden City store? I love to support all of the local stores. We should all do that. My wife is more of the shopper. I’m task-oriented, like the typical male. I’m in and out of a store in 30 secs.

What do you love most about Garden City? The people. The people here are phenomenal. They are quality, genuine, hard working people. This is a great place to raise kids and it’s a town with a lot of architectural beauty. Also, there is no better combination of phenomenal schools and sports programs anywhere in the country. Our schools and sports combined are second to none.

What is your favorite thing to do in Garden City? I love to hang out with my wife and kids. I’m a sports nut. I love to follow my kids in their sports events. I also enjoy playing golf.

What would you change about Garden City? We need to move St. Paul’s forward. There’s been too much politics and bickering when we really need to advance the ball. The structure is filled with spectacular architectural pieces inside and out. It is an unbelievable architectural gem on Long Island and in New York State. I believe that it represents all that’s good about Garden City and this town wouldn’t be the same without it. It’s so unique and special. At the very least, we should make an effort to preserve it as an architectural gem. It’s a shame that it hasn’t been preserved as of yet because it represents the history of this great town.

Do you have any advice for Inside Garden City readers? Help as many people and neighbors as you can. Give as much back to the community as you can. This means sacrificing your time, effort and money to do so. The key to being successful is your ability to help other people and make this world and this community a better place.

Vinny will be honored at this year’s Pineapple Ball as “Citizen of the Year” for the many services his company has performed throughout Garden City and beyondYou can visit Vinny’s website here.

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  1. Kathy Lucchesi · December 17, 2014

    great article…wonderful gentleman…Thank you Vinny Muldoon for all you do for GC 🙂


  2. John-Erik Strom · December 17, 2014

    A real class act. Someone to aspire to, Always helping others.


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