Garden City’s Best Decked Houses

The beautiful houses in Garden City always light up the night, but they were extra sparkly this holiday season! Many of the houses were adorned in simple, classic white lights. They were so beautifully and tastefully decorated that I decided to wrap up the holidays with a photo essay depicting some of the lights around town this year. Here are a few of my faves- in no particular order: 

 Let it shine!

Beautiful and simple. 

 Completely classic. 

 They know how to string a few lights here. 

The tall lit trees looked fabulous.

 Tastefully done color. 

 Sometimes simplicity is all you need. 

There are plenty of more lights and beautiful decorations around town. These are just a few. Take a drive or walk around town and admire them- especially while this 50 degree weather keeps up. Well done Garden City!

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