GC’s Belmont Festival 2015

The annual GC Belmont Festival proved to be another success this year. The festival brought a lot of to the table with live music by Jerry and the Newcomers, dancing by the Broadway Bound performers, pony rides, a dunking booth, lots of fun children’s activities, raffles, vendors, firetrucks, volleyball and so much more! Take a look for yourself if you missed it:

 Jerry and the Newcomers rocked!

 Thank you Cradle of Aviation Museum. 

 One sample of the many kids’ activities. 

The Mad Science table was pumpin’. 

Long waits for the horses.

Maybe we need a few more for next year? 

One suggestion for next year- three ponies may not be enough for the amount of kids that attend the festival. There was over a 30 minute wait at various times which is really too much for small kids. How about four or five ponies next year? It is the Belmont Festival after all.

After the children went home and night fell, the festival shifted to a more adult atmosphere. With Seventh St. still closed to traffic and restaurants turning out great food and beer, the crowd at “Belmont After Dark” enjoyed a night of friends, neighbors and fun. A fantastic tradition and a great way to start the weekend!

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