Goodbye Sweata Weatha, Hello Studio Strength!

As sweata weatha gives way to tank top and bathing suit weather, I thought my regular workout routine could use a little spicing up. Actually, I have to admit that the winter doldrums had gotten me into a routine of not being in a routine… So…. I needed a change. I hit up Studio Strength on Franklin Ave in Garden City for just that. 

Studio Strength is a personal training fitness studio led by two very passionate owners/personal trainers- Juan Mayoral and Christine Inguanta. When I first walked in and saw all of the equipment- battling ropes, dog sleds, resistance bands, plus a few other things I had never seen before, my first thought was, “This is not my grandmother’s gym.” I was excited. 
There are no classes here or saunas but there’s a lot of specialized workout equipment and a very positive, friendly atmosphere. Juan and Christine believe in results-driven workouts and fitness programs that are tailored to each individual client. 

I don’t know about you, but I feel that I have a decent amount of knowledge about strength training and working out, but even still- I often wonder if I’m doing exercises properly or if I’m doing them in the right combination with other exercises. Because one thing I do know is that there are ways to maximize your time in the gym and see results quicker. Juan and Christine’s one on one training sessions are 30 mins long and they are full body. A private, full body strength training workout {designed just for me} in only 30 mins while I’m being closely monitored by an experienced trainer?? Sign me up!

As far as ambiance, the studio is bright and clean. There are towels and water but not many other frills and that’s part of the appeal. I find it to be very time efficient which is great for my busy schedule. I’d normally go to the gym, say hi to a few friends, start my workout, wander around looking for certain weights or exercise balls, chat with a couple more people, wait for equipment to become free… you get the drift… basic lollygagging {which may or may not be a real word.} By the time I get out, it’s always over an hour and a good bit of that time is spent wasted. Here, I come in, work out and 30 minutes later I’m getting on with my day.

So, onto the workout. Here are a few of my thoughts and experiences:

– My initial visit consisted of a very detailed consultation with Christine. We discussed medical history, fitness experience, diet and nutrition, fitness goals, etc. We also did a brief fitness test to assess my fitness level so she could develop my workout plan. We then did body measurements and weight. This last part is repeated every 6 weeks so we can monitor progress and {for better or worse} be held accountable. Yikes!

– My plan is two 30 minute sessions per week {they usually do two or three sessions a week- depending on the client}. The exercises, amount of weight and number of reps are all figured out by my trainer for my individual plan. This is what I love about Studio Strength- everything is tailored to my specific needs and fitness goals. I then follow up with cardio on my own time- either using their cardio equipment at the studio or just running/walking outside {now that the snow has cleared. Yay!}

– Juan and Christine are great. They monitor your movements so that you’re getting the best and most efficient workout and they make it clear that all fitness levels have a place here, whether you’re a strength training newbie or a veteran.

– I like that it’s small and private. This means no intimidation factor, no waiting for equipment and no wasted time. 

– The schedule is quite accommodating- Juan and Christine are available 6 days a week {by appointment.}

The BEST part is that Studio Strength is celebrating their FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY this month by offering a discounted package for new clients! In April, you can get the initial consultation and fitness assessment PLUS four 30 minute personal training sessions for $150! This package usually costs $199. To take advantage of the anniversary deal, stop in or call them at 516-385-8188. Check out their website for more information on this studio. 

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