I moved to Garden City

I moved to Garden City, NY on June 30, 2013. I came from Hoboken, NJ- a vastly different place and one that grew dear to my heart. I went from urban to suburban with my four city kids and husband. I could proudly say that my kids didn’t know what a lawnmower was and never played in an empty playground. But they could hail a taxi and order a latte.
As I am making my way in a completely different setting, I feel like I’m in a new world or on the other side of the fence- the Garden City side of the fence. It’s a new place that’s filled with possibilities- new faces, new places, new experiences. That’s an exciting thought, but it’s also unexplored, far from my bustling, energetic city where I knew every corner, store, and restaurant like the back of my hand; where I had countless friends and even more social activities on my calendar. I was a true insider. 

It would have been so easy to linger a bit longer in Hoboken. But now I am in a brand new place with very few friends and familiar faces- using my GPS each time I pull out of the driveway. I’m trying to get back onto the other side of the fence again. The insider side. My question- how does a former insider who is now an outsider become an insider again? I will let you know as I figure it out myself.


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