Icing on the {Home Decorating} Cake

You would think that after choosing the right fabrics for my dining room chairs and the right fabric for curtains (a painstaking process btw), the right paint on the walls and a chandelier, that my dining room decorating would be finished, right? Well, for those of you who have decorated before, it doesn’t stop there. Actually, I’ve been told that decorating never, ever stops… but I digress.

While I love to be totally finished with a project, I felt that my dining room still needed something more. I thought about painting an accent wall but due to the configuration of my room (doorways on three of the four walls and a large window which takes up most of the fourth wall), it wouldn’t have the desired effect. I contemplated painting the ceiling instead. While I don’t take a lot of decorating risks, or a lot of risks in general, the painted ceiling idea intrigued me. Although it was taking me out of my comfort zone, I knew I could always repaint it if it didn’t work so it was a pretty “safe” risk.

I called Steve Bufalo of Bufalo Decorating to help me out. Steve came highly recommended but I had some reservations about painting the ceiling in general, so we set up a consult. We met and discussed various options (painting a wall vs a ceiling vs wall paper vs different finishes) and after our conversation, I felt much more informed and confident that we were going in the right direction for my room. 

As far as color, I wanted to make a statement, yet not too much of a statement- you know what I’m talking about. We’ve all walked into rooms before and thought, “Oh wow” and then immediately thought “Oh no.” I had to make the right color choice. I consulted with Kathy Daab- a talented graphic designer/interior decorater from KD Design who has helped me out in the past. Kathy narrowed down my choices to just two (thankfully or, left to my own devices, I would still be debating.) 

Here is my previously {somewhat} boring white ceiling and white molding:

Here’s my new ceiling against the white molding:

Here’s another pic so you can get an idea of the room’s color scheme:

It took me a little time to adjust to the painted ceiling. Steve graciously offered to re-paint it a different color if I didn’t like it. But after a day or two, and many compliments later, I was happy with my decision. It gave my dining room just the right touch that it needed; sort of like icing on a cake. 

Steve Bufalo was very easy to work with. He showed up on time, was very professional, competitively priced and did beautiful, precise work. I was equally happy with Kathy Daab. She clearly knows her stuff and makes sure that what she advises is right for me. Choosing talented and easy-to-work-with people really makes a difference on any project!

Now, I sit literally staring at the ceiling… womp womp… planning the next decorating task to tackle. Stay tuned…

If you need painting or decorating help, you can reach Steve Bufalo at 516-628-2137 and Kathy Daab at 516-205-5003 or kathy.daab@gmail.com.

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