Local Valentine’s Day Gifts- Part I

Ever since my father gave me chocolates and teddy bears on Valentine’s Day as a kid (up until the day I got married), I’ve always thought it was nice to have a special day in the middle of winter for some extra thoughtfulness. So I’ve decided to give you a few local gift ideas to get you started on buying a gift for the special woman in your life. I haven’t posted about Envie on Seventh St. in a little while and with Valentine’s Day on its way, I thought this was a good time. 

This piece below really caught my eye because it just shouts “Valentine’s Day” to me. There’s so much that you can pair it with and wear it with. It’s truly a classic, can’t-go-wrong V-day gift that any woman would love to own:

Envie always has a ton of unique bracelets. This one caught my eye for it’s color as well as its design. It still gets the Valentine sentiment across but in a less obvious way. This is a great piece to wear casually or dress up: 
If you want to go even less obvious with your Valentine’s Day gift this year, think outside of the jewelry box and go with a stylish and adorable scarf. They’re on sale at Envie and there were a few that I liked and may make room for in my own closet. Check out this chunky red one. The color really pops: 
Last but not least, I spotted this unique necklace on the way out. Since the dragonfly is a symbol of power and poise, don’t you agree that this would make a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift and send a meaningful message?
There are so many beautiful gifts that can be found around town. As you’re shopping locally (which I hope you are), just remember what the biggest Valentine’s Day gift no-no is: a gym membership. Enough said. 
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