Organizationally Challenged

Since I’ve been sticking to my New Years’ resolutions, every part of my house, office, closets, garage, etc is now completely and efficiently organized… juuuust kidding. There are probably a few areas in all of our homes that need some type of organization intervention. Here’s how the situation usually unfolds for me: I start tackling projects without a real plan in mind. Then I get frustrated by my (lack of) progress, which causes me to give up and arrive promptly back at square one. Not a good outcome. 

I’m hoping this will change since Inside Garden City is lucky enough to have Mary Carlomagno- author and professional organizer- join us a guest blogger! Mary is the owner of Order, a company that specializes in clutter control and organization, among a few other things like shopping addictions (ahem… you know who you are). She has written numerous books on how to organize your space and therefore your life. Mary has appeared on Oprah, the Today Show, Fox and Friends and many other shows, plus she’s been featured in numerous mags and newspapers. Mary is a true authority on organizing and de-cluttering. She will answer your questions by providing real-life, practical solutions. 
I welcome our readers to submit your organizing dilemmas to Mary while we have the opportunity to benefit from her expertise. If she can help Oprah, I’m sure she can help us! Please submit your organizing challenges via our Facebook page: “Inside Garden City” or email us at Mary’s solutions, tips and product recommendations will be featured on an upcoming guest blog. If you want to learn more about Mary and her experience, please visit her website at Happy organizing!

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