Out With Belmont- In With The World Cup

From parties to street fairs to restaurant and bar specials, there was plenty of excitement around town (and around the nation) when the Belmont Stakes came to town. GC held its annual festival on Seventh Street which proved to be successful and very, VERY, well-attended.  It was lots of fun but I must say it was way, way under bouncy-housed. If someone is able to invent a bouncy house that can fit 100+ over-tired, hungry and cranky kids they may have a shot at the Nobel Peace Prize (at least if GC parents have a vote). In fact, Dunkin’ Donuts had a shot at the Peace Prize this year by giving out free donuts during the festival, however, they forced you to purchase a beverage (which the compassionate capitalist in me can’t blame them for)… so close but no Peace Prize for D&D.

I will say, the after-dark keg beer in red solo cups / live music outside was many levels of awesomeness. A little taste of Bourbon Street-style partying right here in our own GC. I really hope they keep that up in years to come – it was GC at it’s finest and everyone had a great time.

Since then, the 146th Running of the Belmont Stakes came and went. This third and final leg of the triple crown proved to be quite thrilling, drawing an estimated crowd of 100,000 spectators to Belmont Park. For those who wished to see history being made, it was a disappointing finish. For those who were here to enjoy the excitement and the show of the big hats and fancy clothes, your wish was granted- both at the track and at the GC Hotel’s post race party scene:

But… move over Belmont… the 2014 World Cup is here now! This may be the most unique sporting event in that it brings the whole world passionately together for one sport. Now that the dreadful opening ceremony is behind us (and hopefully the World Cup theme song is too) it’s time for us GCers to spend the next month or so trying to convince ourselves that watching soccer on TV can be as exciting as watching it from sidelines of St. Paul’s.  If you need a little inspiration around you to get the adrenaline flowing, you may want to try the following venues:

Prost Grill and Garten on Franklin Ave. They call themselves Long Island’s only soccer bar. They’ll be offering drink specials, beer specials (like the German beer Hofbrau) and Belmont Festival-winning wings (yum!).

BK Sweeney’s will have drink specials as well as wing specials at the bar during all soccer matches.

Revel will have a 10 foot (yes, 10 foot) screen behind the bar for prime viewing of all matches. Discounts on the bar menu and cocktails during all games. They’ll also serve specialty cocktails representing the playing teams.

Shackletons Bar and Grill in Franklin Square will have drink specials during the games.

Plattduetsche Park Restaurant in Franklin Square promises beer specials, fun and lots of passionate fans. They say this is the place to be for the World Cup!

Where will you be watching the World Cup?

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