Post-Christmas Week

With Christmas 2014 behind us, I’ve discovered some less obvious holiday things that made me happy during this post-Christmas week. They are: 
1. Having a fridge filled with leftovers from Christmas dinner. 
2. Eating homemade rum cake for the first time. Yum!
3. Having extra down time to spend with my family & no schedules to follow! #Relaxation
4. Christmas cookies. Need I say more? 
5. Visits with family and friends who I don’t see often enough. 
There were also several non-holiday-esque things that made me happy during the post-Christmas week: 
1. Take out from Orchid- Always a treat. This time I tried the chicken lo mein. Did not disappoint. 
2. Rediscovering ice skating. Haven’t skated in years. A great time!
3. A sesame bagel from My Three Sons in GC. Surprisingly good. 
4. Continuing the hunt for best local pizza at Mama Theresa’s in GC Park. Tasty but the search continues. 
5. Realizing I can still do the hula hoop! Great exercise and so fun.
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