Premature Holiday Decorations?

Are you committing a holiday faux pas when you turn on your holiday lights prior to Thanksgiving? Are those early decorators snubbing Thanksgiving? 

There certainly are no holiday police, but it seems that there are a lot of Garden City homes {more than usual} with their Christmas decorations up this year in November. Is it me or have you noticed this increase as well?

I did a little research on this topic on the web and found a Facebook page actually dedicated to it. You can visit it here.

Early Christmas decorating started in retail stores years ago and every year I hear comments about how it seems to be getting earlier each year, how Thanksgiving should be enjoyed in it’s own right, that it’s all about consumerism, etc., etc.  Thanksgiving is, after all, a significant holiday in its own rite for our country, but perhaps it’s getting squeezed out by Christmas and becoming the forgotten holiday. Is it because there’s much less money in Thanksgiving (a non-commercial holiday) for businesses in comparison to Christmas?

I’m all for holiday decorations. I love lights and decor as much as the next guy, maybe even more. But I have to admit that I am not in favor of turning on the outdoor lights prior to Thanksgiving. I will continue to follow my own unofficial “rules” for holiday progression, which is:
No holiday music until after Thanksgiving,
No Santa hats worn in November,
No holiday cards in the mail prior to Thanksgiving and lastly,
No holiday lights on the house before Thanksgiving.

Note: setting up holiday lights prior to Thanksgiving {which all of you organized and ahead-of-schedule people are probably doing} can be a good thing, but actually turning them on can wait, in my opinion- in respect of Thanksgiving.

However, the bottom line remains: do what you enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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