Preparations Underway For Pizza Showdown

Ok, guys…. I know you’ve been reading about the promise of a GC Pizza Showdown and some of you have emailed us about it. So we want to let you know that the wait is almost over as Inside Garden City makes its final preparations for the Pizza Showdown 2014. We’ve been hard at work fine tuning our scoring system and organizing our tasters. We’ve also finally come up with two great prizes for the winner- a fab pizza sweatshirt and pizza trophy:

Juuuust kidding. The winner will actually receive a very tasteful banner which they can proudly display inside or outside of their establishment to let the world know that they have been nominated “Best Pizza 2014” and they will also get some good publicity!

Now, we need you, the Inside GC readers, to nominate your favorite pizzerias. Criteria: the pizzeria must be located in, or deliver to, Garden City. Facebook message us (preferred) or send an email with your fave pizzeria to That’s it. Pretty simple. We’ll handle the rest and will report back to you as the big day gets closer. Get your pie on!

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