Raising the Party Bar

Moms and Dads are super busy these days and often don’t have the time, talent or desire (I admit to this last one) to plan a proper birthday party for their children. But they still want to give them an awesome party. What’s a parent to do? Well, hold onto your cupcakes and goodie bags because there’s a new player rockin’ the kids party scene in GC.

Ok, so Lil’ Athletes is not really a “new player.” They’re experts at running children’s classes and have been holding birthday parties in Huntington for eight years. But did you know they started hosting parties for ages 2-10 in West Hempstead in November? We were one of the first families to hold a birthday party there.

I was a little nervous since Lil’ Athletes Sports Academy just opened their doors at Island Garden Basketball (former home of the ABA NY Nets and Dr J back when he was dunking red, white and blue basketballs in the 70s), but I was assured that it would run as smooth as silk. And it did. The owner, Brett, and his wife Jennifer ran the show along with a great staff. I requested the party be run like one of their classes- lots of playtime, zero downtime, fun for boys AND girls. I got exactly what I asked for and saw nothing but happy kids laughing, running, playing, jumping, throwing, etc. What kid doesn’t enjoy pelting the coaches with rubber balls? 

There were plenty of enthusiastic staff members on hand to help out with activities and serve food/cake. We were never rushed. They were helpful when I wanted to take group photos. I got the feeling that the staff was enjoying the kids and party as well. I know from other children’s parties I’ve been to and even some of my own, that is not always the case. I often see uninterested “I’m too school for cool” young teenage assistants who would rather be anywhere than working a kiddie birthday party.

Another thing that distinguishes Lil’ Athletes is that the owners are very easygoing with how YOU want to run the party. If you want to have face painters, a bounce house, t-shirt airbrushing, characters, tattoo artists, etc…, they will likely say “Bring it.” I don’t know about you, but I love this can-do attitude from people I do business with.  

The best part– the kids had a blast. I heard from many of the parents that it was the best party they had been to and their kids were talking about it weeks later. So get your party on at Lil’ Athletes! 516-874-0345.

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  1. Fritz John Marajas · April 1, 2014

    disco party for kids have been dazzling families all over the country for 10 years now with their amazing array of children’s party entertainment, and they are proud to say they can deliver a party to satisfy the wildest of imaginations.


  2. Inside GC · May 13, 2014

    I havent heard of Disco party for kids but I will check it out. Thanks!


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