Ringing in the {Chinese} New Year

In case you hadn’t heard, this year’s Chinese New Year started on February 19th and this is the Year of the Goat. I never celebrated Chinese New Year before but Orchid’s annual celebration intrigued me and I decided to make my rez. Turns out- this was the place to be!

There were two seatings: 6pm and 8pm. Food selections were already made for us with a set menu. I was happy with the menu- one dish with a variety of apps on it per person plus 3 entrees (a chicken, a beef and a fish) for the table to share family style, followed by dessert (chocolate cake or ice cream- not sure if those desserts make it into the authentic Chinese cuisine category but hey, I’m not complaining). Service was attentive as well- despite the busy night. 

The evening’s highlight was, of course, the traditional Chinese entertainment. We were treated to a show of traditional Chinese dances, four elaborate (and large) lions/dragons doing their own dance routine and Chinese music. Of course, the most fun may have been putting the traditional Chinese red envelopes with money (tips) inside the lion’s mouth as it came to your table. It was here that I basically got my head swallowed by one (all part of the fun).

I will definitely be at Orchid’s fabulous celebration again next year. It was more fun than I expected and my whole table had a blast. I’m thinking that I may have discovered a new way to ring in the new year!

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