V Spa: Back to the Basics

I’ve been experimenting with gel manicures lately as many of you know. Post gel mani, my nails weren’t in the greatest of shape. This is partly my fault because I decided to remove the gel polish on my own (warning: DO NOT attempt to dismantle a gel mani at home) which wasn’t the best idea. 

After my experience with a couple of gel manicures, I can say that I am steering clear of them for a while. Although it was great to not have my nail polish chip and to actually have it looking good for about two whole weeks (aaaamazing!), I don’t think it’s the mani for me on a regular basis. I’ll save it for special occasions or vacation. Admittedly, my nails weren’t in great shape before the gel mani but it definitely didn’t help. So today I decided to go back to the basics and get a good ol’ fashioned manicure. 

I tried V Spa on Franklin Ave for my no-frills mani. They took me immediately (even though the salon was somewhat busy for a Thursday morning) and every tool they used was either out-of-the-package new or sanitized, which is awesome. I was treated to a great mini shoulder/upper back massage during the mani, which I love. Too often nail salons forget this little perk. The massage was a teeny bit painful at times, but maybe that’s a good thing. I’m sure there were a few knots back there (tension much?) anyway. The cute animal ring holders on the manicure tables were a fun touch.  

My manicurist, Tess, was very nice and seemed well informed. I told her about the current condition of my nails (chipping, peeling, overall weakness) and she recommended a specific nail hardener for me and advised me against using any colored polish today. 

The hardener was only an additional $1 and I went sans color. Tess told me to monitor my nails’ condition over the next few days to see if things are improving. So I don’t have a fun summer color on my fingers today, but I’m happy that they look clean and healthy.  

I will go back to V Spa again for a mani and maybe sample some other services. Have you been to V Spa? What did you think?

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