Stair Runner: Frustration Nation

When you move, there’s always seems to be an endless to-do list. Since I moved to GC, one thing that I’ve desperately wanted to do is replace the stair runner in my new home. Take a look at the image below and you’ll see why:


The runner on the main staircase was from the previous owner {and from the looks of it, maybe even the previous, previous owner}. It was not my style at all and just looked tired. Plus, since it’s one of the first things someone notices when they enter my home, I wanted something a bit more modern and interesting.

I searched and searched and searched some more because that’s just how I do things {even though it frustrates everyone around me to no end}  for the right store, the right runner, the right color, the right price, etc, etc. You know how it goes. I brought home carpet samples, compared them to the walls, returned the samples, visited different stores, brought home more samples, consulted friends, family, decorators, etc, but I never found the right… everything… to make me pull the trigger. It was total frustration nation!

Cut to two years later and I still have the same old runner {a clear case of decision paralysis}. A friend suggested I check out I did and it was a game changer. Adam Jarrett, also the owner, came to my house for a no-charge consultation (no more store hopping and schlepping samples around- yay!) and I was pleasantly surprised. He was very professional and he obviously took a lot of pride in his work.

In addition to having a lot of great rug samples, Adam also had a good sense of design and style. He suggested coordinating colors/designs and explained different types of rugs to me but at the same time, he kept the process simple. He also brought amazing pictures of his work! The photos were essential for me since I can’t visualize well on my own- I like to see a hard copy of how things look. I knew I wanted something modern, perhaps a sisal. Here are some of the samples Adam showed me:




Adam’s specialty is custom stair runners although he does regular carpets as well. After a bit of deliberation and gentle guidance from Adam, I made my choice. Stay tuned for part II  {the finished product!} and how Adam saved me from decision paralysis.

As always, I haven’t been paid any amount of money to showcase I just wanted to share a great find in the daunting process of buying {and decorating} a home!

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