Best Burger?

When you order a “bleu burger” at a burger place and the person behind the counter isn’t sure what a bleu burger is, that’s a possible red flag.

I tried The Burger Spot on 7th Street in Garden City last weekend. This was my second time there and both visits were about the same. The food is reasonably well prepared and reasonably tasty, but nothing to write home about (maybe blog about but that’s it).

It was busy and clean, but I wouldn’t say it’s my new go-to spot for burgers. The fries were on the greasy side, the burgers and salad were fine, but I’d like more than “fine” when I go out for a burger. It was better than fast food, but it seemed that the wow factor was missing. Nothing was especially memorable. I will eat there again, but I will not rush back. Hopefully, I will find a better burger spot nearby, as the hunt also continues for best nearby pizza… Does anyone have any local burger recommendations for me?


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