ORCHID- Go to it.

If for no other reason than the comedy, go to Orchid on Franklin Ave, Garden City. As soon as you walk in, you’re looking at mirrored ceilings and bright red-carpeted stairs. The restaurant is in a basement space and it’s huge. When you get down the stairs, you’ll see an abundance of cheerful Chinese waiters dressed in tuxedos running around. The downstairs decor does not disappoint: plastic flowers everywhere, lots of red and gold, mirrors on the entire ceiling and on every empty wall space, and plenty of large glitzy chandeliers that are reminiscent of an Atlantic City casino. It seems that time froze at Orchid in terms of decor. And for some reason, there’s a large and very strange-looking stuffed animal creature that sits on top of the bar. The cheesy decor is all part of the charm. 
But the comedy stops here- they have an extensive menu and the food was great. It wasn’t typical greasy, Americanized Chinese food that I usually get. It was lighter and tastier. Waiters were friendly and funny and very attentive. There was a lively party going on in one of the other rooms and most of the customers dining that Friday night seemed like regulars. I can see why this place is called a GC institution- it delivers quality food with a dose of entertainment. I will definitely go back and this time bring the kids. They’ll love the bizarre creature on the bar. All part of the charm…

One comment

  1. Barbara Corrigan · November 22, 2013

    Hopefully they do take out. Nice to have a favorite Chinese where you live.


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