Best Pizza in Garden City 2014- The Results Are In!

The First Annual Inside Garden City Pizza Showdown took place Sunday, October 26th and the results are in! Nine pizzerias delivered and 12 tasters judged. A more in-depth analysis of the competition will be published tomorrow. Here’s a quick synopsis of the results:

First Place: AVELLINO’S, 279 Nassau Blvd, GC South

Second Place: Rustica, 1 Nassau Blvd, GC 

Third Place: Grimaldi’s, 980 Franklin Ave, GC


Best Crust: Grimaldi’s

Best Sauce: Plum Tomatoes

Best Cheese: A tie between Calagero’s and Grimaldi’s

The competitors included:
Garden City Pizza
Plum Tomatoes
Umberto’s (GC South)

Four others were asked to participate but did not deliver a pie: Gallery Pizza, Giaccone’s, V.I.Pizza, Umberto’s of New Hyde Park. Stay tuned for a more in-depth analysis of the outcome. 

Congratulations to Avellino’s and thank you to all entrants!


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