Cool at the Pool

One thing I’ve discovered, and totally enjoyed, is the Garden City Pool. This has been great for me. I have a place to go with my kids on hot summer days when we are in town and still don’t have any friends. Lol. It requires zero planning and it provides tons of entertainment for them (i.e., less work for me).

There are three beautiful pools, one of which is complete with a huge, crazy jungle gym inside of it (easily the coolest kiddie pool I’ve ever seen), and an additional baby pool. There are two very tall, very twisty slides like you’d find in an amusement park and there’s a playground as well. Live bands, movie nights, ice cream socials, story time, arts and crafts, and games and contests are a few of the activities throughout the summer.

The snack bar serves great salads and healthy fare as well as the traditional dogs, burgers, etc. There’s also a picnic area if you choose to bring your own food. Or, if you’re really in the know, you have a pizza delivered to the pool. It gets delivered to the main gate and you’re set. Although if you’re inexperienced like me, you forget that the delivery guy is going to call your cell phone and as a result, you spot him walking around the pools calling out your name, pizza in hand. Once again, not the best way to be introduced to your new neighbors, but I’m on a roll with that lately.

Not knowing the rules, I’ve been “reprimanded” a few times for various crimes- once for allowing my kids to wear swimmies, another for bringing a boogie board, a third time for swim vests, and most recently for eating strawberries on the pool level. I plead ignorance (but I think they could lighten up a bit also). Aside from my faux pas, I think the Garden City pool is a great place to hang out and not look like you’re the newcomer. There are so many families and kids, it’s easy to just blend in with the crowd and pretend you’re an insider.


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