What is GC wearing? (Sept. edition)

What is GC wearing?
I didn’t know what to expect fashion-wise when I first moved here. I had heard a variety of things that would send an urban girl running such as “you can’t wear the same thing twice” and “the women wear tennis skirts every day”. Well, I was pleasantly surprised.

Summertime revealed a lot of very simple, casual dressers. Whoever was not away at their summer homes was around town in shorts and tees, casual summer dresses and sandals. The sports fields had much of the same casual look. But the start of school has revealed a whole different fashion animal that did not disappoint- distressed jeans, skinny jeans, cool scarves, awesome shoes and great bags- with a notable Louis Vuitton presence.  I’ve also spotted a fair amount of studs (on clothes, shoes, accessories) and bright colors. Everyone seemed to bring their A-game to the start of the school year and I’d say the crowd is definitely well dressed and on-trend, but not overdone. Although I’m not a fan of the cold weather (or football), I am looking forward to seeing what fall fashion brings to GC.


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