Garden City Insider of the Month: Mayor John Watras

Last month, Inside Garden City introduced a new feature: The GC Insider of the Month. Since the first person to be chosen as Insider of the Month, Andrew Karen (Dept of Recreation and Parks), is unofficially known in some circles around town as “the mayor”, we thought it only fitting to follow up Andrew with the official Mayor of Garden City- John Watras. 

Inside Garden City was thrilled that Mayor Watras took the time to answer our Garden City Qs. His love for this town and what it has to offer was obvious from our conversation. We look forward to hearing more from the Mayor on this site in the future. 

What inspires you? Work inspires me. New business inspires me. I’m in the financial services business on Wall St. I also love history. Garden City is immersed in history and I love that. I’m inspired by young people as well and the fire in their eyes. I enjoy assisting them where I can.

Favorite restaurant in Garden City? All of them.

Favorite store in Garden City? Again, all of them, especially Joseph & Joseph, The NY Running Company and Garden City Wines & Spirits, to name a few. My wife loves all of the boutiques in town.

What do you love most about Garden City? I love the character of the town and the spirit of the people, as well as the many long-standing traditions. Garden City is steeped in tradition. 

Favorite thing to do in Garden City? I enjoy playing golf and walking. I also love to go into town and meet people.

What would you like to change about Garden City? I’m working on that now. I’m dedicated to providing great service to the Garden City residents. I would like to get closure on St. Paul’s, in accordance with what the citizens want.

At the end of our conversation, Mayor Watras reminded me of Garden City’s upcoming December 12th holiday shopping event on Seventh St. As a proponent of local businesses, this is just one more endeavor the Mayor has backed. Inside Garden City shares his beliefs about supporting our local businesses. We encourage you to enjoy the 12/12 festivities, just as so many of us did during the summer Friday Night Promenades. Shop, dine, meet your neighbors and enjoy yourself while supporting your town.

Thank you Mayor Watras and we hope to see you on Seventh St. on December 12th!

Contact us on Facebook or email if you’d like to nominate someone to be a Garden City Insider of the Month. 

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