Local {Quality} Eats

Warning: If you haven’t eaten lunch yet, you may be feeling especially hungry after reading this post. 

Two nights ago, at the last minute, I started craving some really good Italian food (good meaning high quality, foodie-worthy food). Since I had nothing planned and no particular restaurant in mind, I wasn’t sure where to go. I didn’t want anything formal or stiff and I didn’t want to travel far so I decided on Capo Ristorante. Capo is usually my go-to panini place but I haven’t been there for a sit-down in way too long. 

Capo is a little Italian restaurant on Covert Ave in Floral Park, formerly a La Bottega. It’s inviting and non-stuffy, yet the food is amaaaazing. I’ll let the pictures do the talking: 

 We started off with zucchini flowers. Better than the ones I had in Rome. Seriously.

 Followed by the most amazing figs- TDF. 

 Parmesan pesto salmon with gorgonzola mashed potatoes and escarole- mmm. 

 Scrumptous stuffed chicken with the same potatoes. 

A fabulous Napa Chardonnay rounded everything out just right. 

In summary, the food here pretty much always knocks my socks off, yet the environment isn’t stiff or too fancy. It’s a cozy, informal place turning out dishes which rival some of NYC’s best. Capo is a local gem for sure if you are a self-declared foodie {like me}!

Have you been? Let me know your thoughts. 

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