NYC Delight

Spring has officially sprung! When the temperatures are more mild, I venture into NYC pretty often for my city-fix.

This Spring, why don’t you take advantage of Garden City’s close proximity to NYC and treat yourself to one of the city’s best kept secrets: Daniel. Hair.

Those two words sum it up. They’re all you need to know to find Daniel, NYC’s hidden gem. He runs a one-man hair nirvana of sorts and has a very loyal following. He has his own space and works autonomously, from start to finish. I should mention that he is no-frills. Hate to disappoint, but there won’t be any cappuccino served while you’re there. No mineral water with lemons. No massages, no manis or pedis. No pushing products. He does without all of the pomp and circumstance and I appreciate that. I just care about the talent and he is it. He is All. About. The Hair.

In the past, after every haircut, I usually haaated the way it looked and went home immediately to wash and style it myself. But with Daniel, I always love it right off the bat.

So ladies (and gentlemen), if you’ve thought about brightening things up this spring and want to change your hair color, he’s your guy. If you’re unhappy with your last coloring, he can do the rehab. I myself have never colored yet, so I can’t rave about his coloring skills from personal experience but I know friends who say it’s fab. And if you’re just thinking about freshening things up with a new cut, he’s the one.

It doesn’t hurt that Daniel (who is one of the nicest people I know) regularly works on Broadway shows. Occasionally, he’ll provide you with a bit of Hollywood-star gossip. That’s always fun. Like the time when Jack Bauer begged him for a haircut. But I’ll let him tell you that story…

You may wonder why I’m sharing this secret with you. Plus, it’s not “Inside Garden City.” Frankly, it’s simply because when I know a good thing, I like to share it, even if it seems geographically incompatible. I know I may be shooting myself in the foot by making it more difficult to get an appointment for myself, but that’s okay. I’ll deal. If you think it’s too far of a schlep… think again.

If you want an appointment, don’t call the salon’s receptionist. There isn’t one. Simply search for Daniel. Hair.

You’re welcome ; )


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