Take Better Holiday Photos!

Photographer Kenny Lombardi is guest blogging today with some tips on how to take better photos- just in time for the holidays! I’m sure we could all stand to improve our pics a bit. Here’s some advice from a pro:

Looking for some tips to make your holiday photos a bit more interesting?  It might be easier than you think. Many people think that a camera is the most important factor in photography, but it’s not.  In fact the most influential piece of the photography puzzle usually sits behind the camera. That’s right …YOU!

Today’s technology has advanced to the point where even your phone can take a nice quality photo.  So most of you already have the equipment you need to produce a photo that everyone will love.  Here are 3 quick things for you to think about to add some spice to your photos.
Try following the “rule of thirds”. This basically means that you should move the subject of your photo off center. The subject should be placed in either the right or left third of the frame. This usually makes the photo more appealing to the eye.
Are you tired of taking photos that turn out blurry?  Make a conscious effort to be as still as possible when pressing the shutter button. We all know that, but sometimes that’s not enough. You also have to be aware of lighting. It is always desirable to take a photo with its natural surrounding light. However, there are times when the lighting is low. The slightest movement by you or your subject will result in a blurry photo. Activating the flash on your point and shoot or phone will help you take a nice crisp photo in low light situations. Try to start anticipating these situations before you take your shot. Thinking about this ahead of time will ensure that you don’t miss capturing that special moment.
Everyone knows that a clean lens will take the best photos. When is the last time you looked at your smart phone’s camera lens? We carry our phones in our pockets, bags and purses. We also pass our phones around to show family and friends our photos or something on Facebook. All this action attracts finger prints, dust and other things you do not want on your lens. Even if you don’t see smudges, they could be affecting your camera images. Clean the lens on your phone before you take your next shot.
The focus on these tips is to be a bit more conscious of small things that can help you increase your odds on taking that perfect shot.

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