Envie of Seventh

It is pretty difficult to walk by Envie, a boutique on Seventh Street, without stopping by to see what unique items are in…and not very difficult to end up leaving with a shopping bag. Envie is neatly laid out inside and the items are fabulous. One thing I loved is the numerous pieces that are, as I call it, made with a conscience … for instance We Dream in Color is one designer you’ll see whose jewelry is handcrafted in the US “in a socially conscious fashion with minimal environmental impact”. And the pieces are awesome.

You’ll also find an array of jewelry that has an edgy vibe to it: think metals and leather. You can definitely stop into Envie after your outfit is set and tie it all together with any of these pieces. These cuffs are gorgeous and are a sneaky way to tie in some subtle chic to any outfit.
Envie boasts some vibrant necklaces and bracelets as well. Get one (or two) of these into your repertoire for a classy update to any outfit. It’s pretty hard to choose a favorite.
Accessories are truly a great way to test out a bold color or style without fully committing to it. Plus, who doesn’t love a big beautiful necklace? Envie has a number that will make a statement. This beautiful piece is what outfits are made around:
Envie has tons of amazing necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and other great accessories that would make most anyone on your shopping list very happy. There are also some cute bags, hats and scarves too. Last but not least — I can’t forget to mention the Liquid Metal belts I spotted in a tucked-away basket. A must-have that would give any outfit just the right amount of swank. 
All in all – Envie is a lovely store to stop into as you’re perusing the boutiques along Seventh Street. There are a variety of quality accessories that fit the bill if you’re looking for something a bit edgy or if you just want to spice up a more traditional outfit. A perfect mix! Envie’s owner, Christina, is super sweet and the staff is equally gracious and professional. Worth a trip if you don’t live in GC, even better if you do!

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  1. Barbara Corrigan · December 22, 2013

    What was in that bag???


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