The Newcomer’s Cocktail

Since I never pledged a sorority in college, I finally got my opportunity to attend a sorority-like event. It was the Welcoming Club of Garden City’s Newcomer’s Cocktail at Tiffany’s in Manhasset- just the excuse my fellow suburbanites and I needed to “swank-it-up” a bit on a Thursday night.

The Welcoming Club certainly checked all the boxes on this night. They served delicious cocktails and appetizers. A good number of Tiffany’s employees were on-hand in case anyone got the urge to shop during the evening (and shop they did). 

When we first entered we were given name tags- the GC newcomers wore tags with a crystal embedded in them to indicate that we were the newbies while pre-exisitng Club members wore tags sans crystal. Cute idea. This was not followed by initiation rituals but instead by flowing champagne. Also a nice idea. There were raffles for Tiffany’s gifts and a few speeches. Mostly, there was a lot of mingling and socializing, which I’m happily realizing are common themes in this town. 

It was also an opportunity for the Newcomer’s Club to explain their intra-clubs to all of us newbies. In a nutshell, a club exists for almost anything you could want to do in a happenin’ suburb- gourmet cooking, progressive dinner, ladies night out, couples night out, playdates, book club, running, movies, tennis, bowling, golf, bunko, etc, etc. You get the point. If you want to get on the inside of GC, it seems like the Welcoming Club can get you on the fast track. This club may just be a newcomer’s dream. I think I’ll be pledging… oops… I mean joining.  



  1. Inside GC · December 5, 2013

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  2. Barbara Corrigan · December 6, 2013

    I remember Newcomers Club in Longmeadow MA 42 years ago. They came to the door with a basket of soap, coupons and cookies. No champagne and crystals for us but it was fun! Joined Mother's Morning Out, Bridge and Ladies Gourmet. Made some of my best friends through Newcombers. Enjoy! You deserve it.


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