Win a gift basket like no (M)other!

Inside Garden City presents:

                                                  THE MOTHERLOAD

Who needs a crowded Walmart or shopping mall when you’ve got great shopping right at your doorstep? GC’s many locally owned restaurants, boutiques, delis, cafés, salons, etc. are at the heart of our community. I’m happy to support them in any way I can, in addition to frequenting them often! They’re a crucial component of our local economy as well as a convenient alternative to braving the traffic of Old Country Road.

When we patronize our local businesses, we give money back to our community. A successful local business generates higher revenue and pays higher taxes. This tax revenue helps pay for many of the things we all love about Garden City.

While our local businesses may be the heart of GC, I’m sure many would agree that our mothers are the soul. In honor of Mother’s Day, a number of local businesses have made generous donations to enable Inside Garden City to create a Mother’s Day gift basket like no (m)other. Actually, this gift basket has grown so much in the past few days, that we are now calling it “The Motherload”!

How to enter:
1) Be a mother, have a mother, or know a mother  
2) Like Inside Garden City’s Facebook page (if you haven’t already) AND
3) Like or comment on any FB post which mentions “The Motherload” raffle.

Your name will then be entered into a raffle for the Motherload and one lucky winner will be randomly chosen on Mother’s Day night!

Sneak peeks will be given… such as which of our amazing local businesses will be featured in “the Motherload”.       

Please visit us on Facebook & at


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